Botox Parties

Botox parties are a great way to get your friends together to enjoy wine, champagne, hor d’oeuvres, and VIP treatment at our ultra-chic spa, home, or office.

There is practically no difference between a Botox party and any other party, but there is one key distinction. You and your visitors will receive Botox treatments from a qualified treatment professional on the day of the event after consultation. Individual treatment plans will be customized to your guests’ health, wellness, and aesthetic goals. Once the procedure is completed, they can continue dancing, dining, and mingling with their colleagues, friends, or family.

Is Botox Suitable for all Guests?

Botox is safe for a wide range of people, however, due to guidelines, some guests may not benefit the most from the procedure. Botox is not advised for those with the underlying conditions listed below:

  • Neurological
  • Disorders
  • Muscular Disorders
  • Active skin infections
  • Additionally, Botox is unsuitable for pregnant women and people who have had an adverse or allergic reaction to previous Botox treatments.

Botox is recommended for healthy adults aged between 18 and 65.   It’s critical to have reasonable expectations before getting Botox if you’re considering it. Botox is neither a magic treatment that will make you seem 20 years younger nor a long-term fix. Botox will smooth out wrinkles to make you look younger with effects often lasting up to 6 months. It can take 3-14 days for the results to take effect.

Hostess Receives:

  • 30 units Xeomin FREE!
  • (1) B12 shot

Guests Receive:

  • $10 per unit for Xeomin
  • Champagne and
  • strawberries
  • Personal beauty and wellness consultations
  • Special pricing on fillers, IV Drips, Booster Shots, wellness services, and more!

Minimum Requirements:

  • Min. 6 confirmed guests
  • Min. of 30 units per person

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