Pre/Post-Op Surgery Preparation

Why IV drips before surgery?

Why IV drips before surgery?

Poor nutrition slows the healing of wounds and increases the risk of surgical complications for surgical patients. According to studies, the majority of people are nutrient depleted to some extent. For instance, one in four Americans is at risk for poor intestinal absorption that causes vitamin deficiencies, which means that the food you eat is not properly broken down and absorbed. Because of their dietary choices and the Standard American Diet, a lot more Americans are at risk for having nutritional deficiencies. Fast food and processed food both contain “empty calories” that are lacking in nutrients. Processed food is essentially any food that is packaged and has an ingredients list.

ActIVate Drip Spa can help you recuperate more quickly by giving you a customized drip for your individual needs before and after surgery. This is especially true for patients who are obese or overweight. Weight gain considerably raises the chance of problems from various medical conditions. Obese, diabetic, and malnourished patients are more likely to experience post-operative problems such as wound infection and delayed healing (bad scarring).

The incidence of bruising, edema, inflammation, discomfort, scarring, and infection can be reduced by intravenous pre- and postoperative IV drips. Additionally, it will speed up wound healing and recovery time, which is beneficial for anyone having cosmetic or elective surgery because you want the least amount of scarring possible.

What are the instructions before surgery?

 We are already nutritionally depleted because we were advised to fast before surgery. Two weeks before to surgery, they also order us to discontinue taking all vitamins and supplements. So even before we start surgery, we are severely depleted. Some nutrients should be avoided since they can increase the risk of bleeding, while others are necessary for healing. Surgery raises your risk if you are undernourished. Patients undergoing surgery who are malnourished are two to three times more likely to experience minor and major surgical complications, such as weakened wounds (where the wound can reopen), higher infection rates, slower wound healing, increased inflammation, increased bruising, and higher mortality risks. Extended hospital stays are possible.

Are you suffering from a low hemoglobin?

Are you suffering from a low hemoglobin?

Intravenous (IV) iron is indicated for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in the setting of demonstrated intolerance to oral iron preparations, malabsorption due to gastric bypass or active inflammatory bowel disease.

Venofer® (iron sucrose) is a brown, sterile, aqueous, complex of polynuclear iron (III)-hydroxide in sucrose for intravenous use. Venofer® is supplied in 5-mL single-dose vials. Each 5 mL vial contains 100 mg of elemental iron (20 mg/mL). Contains no preservatives. It has been shown to be well tolerated by most people and effective at raising hemoglobin levels by 1.5g/dL per week, provided there is no active excessive bleeding.

Recent bloodwork within 30 days showing complete blood count, reticulocyte count, iron studies, and CRP Demonstrated intolerance to oral iron therapy Consultation with an ActIVate Drip Spa licensed practitioner . MUST discontinue any oral iron preparations or supplements 5 days before and 5 days after

The number of treatments is calculated based on patient weight and desired increase in hemoglobin. Treatments may be given every other day up to 3x per week, at a max dose of 100mg of iron sucrose per treatment. Treatments will take approximately 30 minutes.

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