8 Reasons Why You Should Use Telehealth

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Hearing more and more about Telehealth and telemedicine? Telehealth is a great way to connect with your health care provider online to get the health care necessary from the comfort of your own surroundings. Telehealth allows your healthcare provider to care for you without an in-person office visit. Instead, it is done online with internet access to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can talk to your healthcare provider and discuss your general health or what is going on. Receive and send messages to and from your health care provider using secure messaging, email, or a designated secure file exchange. Use remote monitoring to enable your health care provider to check on you at home. For example, you may use a device to gather vital signs and allow your health care provider to stay informed on your progress. You can receive a variety of specialized care through Telehealth. It is especially helpful to monitor and improve ongoing health issues when you cannot go to the office. For example, medication changes or chronic health conditions can be effectively monitored via Telehealth. A great benefit of Telehealth is that your health care provider can send you information to manage your health remotely. For example, you can receive reminders to do rehabilitation exercises or take needed medication, suggestions for improving your stress levels, detailed instructions on continuing your care, and encouragement to stick with your treatment. In today’s pandemic world, Telehealth can help you receive access to health care without spreading or getting COVID-19.

Telehealth video visits address common medical conditions, such as:


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