Relax and Lose Weight: How Relaxation Helps with Weight Loss

Relax and Lose Weight How Relaxation Helps with Weight Loss

Obesity affects people of all ages and is a global concern. As a result, reducing weight is a significant priority on a worldwide scale. Exercise and dieting are the two most popular strategies to reduce weight. There is still another method of weight loss that is less popular: relaxation.

Relaxation is rarely prescribed for weight loss. It’s presumably because meditation has more well-known health advantages than weight reduction. But when done correctly, meditation may be a powerful tool for losing weight.

Weight loss becomes easy when your body is in its calmest state. Losing weight and improving your health go hand in hand. Relaxing is healthy, and successfully handling stress improves our general health and ability to lose weight.

Now, let us introduce you to a hormone involved when your body experience stress: Cortisol.

What exactly is cortisol?

Your body releases the hormone cortisol when it is under stress. There is no issue if your cortisol levels are minimal. However, when you experience constant pressure, as it often is in your life, the cortisol level in the blood rises and remains elevated. All of this results in increased weight. Excessive cortisol production might be stopped by relaxation.

Your cravings for unhealthy foods are what cause cortisol to be released, and they are what give you an instant energy boost. As if those decisions weren’t awful enough, cortisol causes you to store the additional calories as fat, primarily in your abdomen. Additionally, the hormones that regulate your hunger might be interfered with. You’ll notice that you’re hungry more frequently and have trouble remaining full.

Suppose all of that wasn’t enough to convince you to end your stress. In that case, cortisol could also result in lessened muscle growth since it reduces testosterone levels. The less muscle mass you have, the less fat you will burn when exercising.

What are some ways for you to relax?

While it’s critical to deal with stress when it occurs, it’s equally crucial to provide your body with the rest it needs regularly. As essential to your health, a healthy diet and regular exercise slow down and calm your body. Your body will be able to repair and become as healthy as possible as the adverse effects of stress are relaxed and removed.

Here are some strategies for incorporating relaxation into your lifestyle:

Get enough sleep

Your capacity to remember and learn new things depends on getting enough sleep. Additionally, sleep promotes the release of hormones that affect hunger and metabolism, repairs muscular tissue, and replenishes your body’s energy.

Suppose you need more sleep or occasionally have poor-quality rest. In that case, you can sometimes wake up feeling drowsy, not refreshed, and unable to focus. You have an increased chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, obesity, migraines, and depression if you don’t get enough sleep. Adhere to the recommended sleep guidelines because chronically sleeping too much might harm one’s health.

Experience the great outdoors

Spending time in nature can help you unwind and relax, so go outside for at least some of your time of the day. Whether you go to a lake, swimming, or biking on a new path, anywhere can do!

Practice self-care

It’s essential to find a self-care routine that suits you if you want to unwind, especially if you’re busy. Self-care can include short periods of “me time,” such as a quick walk around the block or rising a little earlier than the kids to enjoy a warm cup of coffee on the porch.

Here are some self-care activities you can try:

  • Reading a book
  • Bathing in a hot tub
  • Being massaged
  • Using affirmations every day
  • Exploring new recipes
  • Enjoy some music
  • Establishing a calming skincare routine


Getting the correct quantity of exercise benefits almost all parts of one’s health. Exercise aids in weight control and increases longevity, mental health, mood, and bone and muscular strength.

The best stress reliever might sometimes be exercising alone. Grab a companion and head outside for a brisk walk or jog. Join a small group where you can enjoy yourself while working toward a common goal, or have a health and fitness instructor create a program specifically for you. There are countless options.

Relax and meditate

It is a great way to eliminate all the stressful and bad ideas in your head. Reset your mind and be optimistic. Take a deep breath and allow your body to relax whenever you feel heavy, burdened, or tired from working. Use a five count to concentrate on your breathing: Take a deep breath in for five counts. For a count of 5, hold your breath. Take five counts before exhaling.

The other benefits of meditation include the following:

  • Strengthens mental health
  • Heightens Self-Awareness
  • Increases focus span
  • Successful in combating addiction
  • Lowers blood pressure

There are several approaches to meditation. According to the CDC, most meditation practices share these four characteristics:

  • A peaceful setting. Wherever you want to meditate, you have the choice.
  • A particular relaxed position, such as sitting, lying down, standing, or strolling.
  • A center of attention. You can concentrate on something else, your breath, a word or phrase, etc.
  • An open mindset. While you are meditating, it’s normal to have other thoughts. Try not to let their ideas captivate you. Remain focused on your breath, a particular sentence, or anything else you’re focusing on.

What does a weight loss program at ActIVate Drip Spa look like?

ActIVate Drip Spa will assist you in losing weight and keeping it off by enhancing your body composition. Our team of obesity medicine experts and registered dietitians use an evidence-based strategy to assist patients in improving their dietary habits, boosting their physical activity levels, lowering their stress levels, and getting better sleep. Anti-obesity medications may also be considered, depending on your health status.

Each patient at ActIVate Drip Spa receives a customized regimen to maximize weight loss and enhance general health. Contact us today to learn more and start your weight loss program!

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