What to Know About Kybella Injections

What to Know About Kybella Injections

There are few things more controversial than injectables in the world of beauty and aesthetics.

On the one hand, they’re an incredible way to eliminate acne scars and wrinkles or fill lips with a plumper pout. On the other hand, they’re expensive, invasive procedures that can leave you with undesirable side effects if not done correctly.

Kybella is a new kind of injectable that is changing the game in the aesthetic world. It’s an FDA-approved filler that targets fat cells beneath your skin and destroys them through a process called lipolysis—basically turning them into liquid so they can be removed by your body naturally.

Things to Know About Kybella

Kybella is a prescription medicine that destroys fat cells. Kybella injections can help you eliminate the double chin you’re tired of seeing in your selfies. If you think Kybella may be right for you, here are some things to know about this treatment:

Kybella is a Non-surgical Treatment for Submental Fullness

This injectable medication is also used to reduce moderate to severe fat in the neck and jowls associated with aging in adults. It works by blocking the activity of a natural substance called deoxycholic acid, which helps digest fats. When this substance is stopped, the body breaks down more fat and eliminates it through urine or bowel movements.

The Fat Cells Destroyed by Kybella Injections are Gone Forever

Now that you know about the chemistry behind Kybella, let’s talk about its effect on the fat cells it targets.

Kybella destroys only those fat cells genetically programmed to accumulate in your cheeks. The destroyed fat cells will never grow back or be replaced by other new ones; they’re gone forever.

  • A treatment plan typically involves 2 to 4 sessions spaced one month apart.
  • Injections in the doctor’s office take about 30 minutes each.
  • Kybella is typically administered along with another injectable agent (such as liposuction) for best results.

Possible side effects include swelling, bruising, and pain or numbness of the chin that can last for more than a month.

Swelling: This is common after Kybella injections and can be treated with ice packs to reduce discomfort. It can also be covered by makeup or products specially formulated to hide bruising, such as Cosmedix Conceal & Correct Concealer in Medium/Deep.

Bruising: Bruising may occur around the area where Kybella was injected and usually lasts about two weeks before disappearing completely; however, it’s possible to last longer (up to six weeks).

Pain or numbness of the chin: Some people may experience mild discomfort or numbness following treatment with this medication; however, this typically resolves within one week.

After each session will take 4 to 6 weeks for any results to become noticeable.

The Kybella treatment requires a series of injections, so it will take several sessions to notice the results. The time between sessions varies depending on how many areas are being treated. 

After the first session, you can expect some skin tone and texture improvement. If you’re considering Kybella injections as part of a weight loss plan or “Mommy Makeover,” it’s important to understand that you may still need other procedures simultaneously to achieve optimal results.

Kybella is Not the Same as Liposuction

You may have heard about Kybella injections and assumed it was a quick and easy alternative to liposuction. However, these two treatments work in very different ways. The main difference between them is that, with liposuction, you remove excess fat from targeted areas of your body. 

With Kybella injections, you destroy fat cells without removing them—and without affecting other areas of your body. Because they’re so different, knowing how each work is essential before deciding what kind of treatment might be right for you!

If You Have Unwanted Fat under your Chin, Kybella Might be an Option

Kybella is a prescription injectable that destroys fat cells in this area. It’s the only FDA-approved injectable to reduce double chins.

Kybella destroys fat cells underneath the skin, preventing them from causing visible signs of aging like excess jowls and neck fullness. Unlike other methods that treat double chins, Kybella does not require downtime or surgery—just one treatment per area where unwanted fat is localized (one or two treatments per session).

What are the Benefits of Kybella?

Kybella, or deoxycholic acid, is a non-surgical treatment for eliminating fat under the neck and chin. It’s made from deoxycholic acid and works by dissolving fat cells, allowing them to be naturally removed from your body. There are several benefits to this treatment:

Eliminates Fat Under the Neck and Chin

  • Kybella is an excellent treatment for eliminating fat under the chin and neck. It works well to improve the appearance of areas that are hard to stop, such as a double chin or jowls.
  • Kybella can be done in the doctor’s office, so it’s easy for you to make an appointment and receive treatment.
  • Kybella is safe and effectively reduces excess fat in these areas without surgery.

Sculpts the Face

Kybella is an excellent treatment for eliminating fat under the chin and neck. It’s also great for sculpting the face, as it does not treat or remove wrinkles or lines. A lot of doctors prefer Kybella to help patients who want a long-term solution to permanently reduce their double chins and those who are struggling with acne scarring and pits on their cheeks and jawlines. 

Provides Long-term Benefits

Kybella is not just a one-and-done procedure. The results of this treatment can last for up to two years, making it ideal for those who want to get rid of the stubborn fat that has plagued their chin or neck without having to visit the clinic every few months.

Kybella is an excellent treatment for eliminating fat under the neck and chin. It’s a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, and it’s a safe and effective way to reduce the appearance of submental fat.

Kybella is injected directly into the fat cells in that area, which causes them to die off and get absorbed into your body. The results can be seen after about two weeks, but your skin will look slimmer for several months after treatment.


If you have unwanted fat under your chin, Kybella might be an option. It’s important to understand that it is not the same as liposuction and will not altogether remove all of the fat around your neck. You may still need additional treatments like facelift surgery or other surgical procedures for optimal results. 

You’ve heard of Kybella, but how much do you know about it? ActIVate Drip Spa LLC is here to demystify the treatment and ensure you’re getting the absolute best results possible.

So what does this all mean for your future? It means that instead of being resigned to having a double chin or jowls for life, you can get rid of them for good. And if you’re worried about how long it will take or how much it will cost, don’t be! With an experienced professional guiding your every step toward success, getting rid of those pesky necklines is more affordable than ever.

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